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These drawing exercises are the core feature of this resource. They range from basic exercises - mostly involving line drawing and copying - to more advanced exercises involving tone and composition. There are also a few ‘brain-stretching’ exercises that are designed to challenge students to think more innovatively and creatively.

A brief preamble introduces each exercise. This preamble may be understood as being the learning goal of the exercise. It is highly recommended that teachers familiarise themselves with the preamble before delivering an exercise.

Following the preamble is a description of the exercise. This is structured in an approximately step-by-step fashion, in which teaching and learning actionables are separate and common student pitfalls are described. The teaching actionables emphasise those aspects of the exercise that require special attention.

Key words are cross-referenced to the appendixes.

Name Duration Difficulty
Behind You! 45 Medium
Cardboard Buildings 90 Hard
Collage Figure Composition 60 Hard
Complex Tones 120 Hard
Copy the Squiggle 5 Easy
Dowelling 45 Medium
Drawing Using Photographs 40 Hard
Drawing Without Looking at the Drawing 5 Easy
Drawing Without Looking at the Subject 5 Easy
Drawing Without Looking at the Subject or the Drawing 3 Medium
Form With a Wire Cage 120 Hard
Framing Using Different Formats 30 Medium
Geometric Solids: Depth Planes 60 Medium
Geometric Solids: Tones 60 Medium
Hands Doing Things 15 Medium
Messy String 30 Medium
Metaphoric Still Life 120 Medium
Mirror Copy 10 Easy
On Top of and Under the Table 60 Hard
Oranges and Drapery: I 60 Medium
Oranges and Drapery: II 60 Medium
Pencil on a Stick 30 Easy
Perspective I: The Tabletop 10 Easy
Perspective II: The Box 15 Easy
Perspective III: Framing an Architectural Interior 90 Hard
Pile of Junk 45 Hard
Pseudo-Figure and Drapery 90 Hard
Scaling a Drawing Up or Down 40 Medium
Shoe 60 Hard
Silhouette of Leaves on a Branch 45 Medium
Small to Big 80 Medium
Standing, Sitting and Squatting 45 Hard
Strips of Paper 60 Medium
The Animated Sequence 60 Hard
The Back of the Hand 30 Easy
The Bent Wire 60 Medium
The Cup 60 Medium
The Domestic Environment 60 Hard
The Generalised Face 60 Medium
The Model in Rotation: I 40 Medium
The Model in Rotation: II 30 Medium
The Shirt Collar 90 Hard
The Signature as Persona 15 Easy
The Symmetrical Signature 15 Easy
The Tabletop Landscape 90 Hard
The Tilt, Nod and Twist of the Head 30 Hard
The Tongue as Eyes 20 Easy
The Waste Paper Bin 60 Medium
Using Line to Draw Colour 5 Easy
Your Neighbour’s Signature 10 Easy
William Morris Wallpaper 60 Medium
Copy Tone Drawing 30 Easy