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Martin Constable
Martin was a graduate of Goldsmith’s College, London University. Upon graduation he coordinated Goldsmiths’ Extension Degrees for many years. He also taught drawing at St. Martin’s School of Art, The Royal College and The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford. Currently he works at the School of Art Design and Media in Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, where he teaches digital painting, painting, drawing, compositing and aesthetics. As an artist he has exhibited widely in Singapore and South East Asia. He has also worked extensively with engineers, with whom he collaborates on researching ways in which the aesthetic components of an artwork may be quantified. His research website can be found here.
Yanyun Chen
Yanyun is an M.A. graduate and current Ph.D. candidate at the European Graduate School. Prior to that studied animation at the School of Art, Design and Media, Singapore, where she received the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal Award. For has studied art at the Florence Academy of Art in Sweden, the Animation Workshop in Denmark, and under puppet makers Miroslav Trejtnar and Zdar Sorm in the Czech Republic. Her creative output has taken the form of animation, games, and illustration. As a researcher, her topic of interests include drawing, etymology and continental philosophy. She teaches part-time at NTU and Yale-NUS, Singapore. She is the managing partner of Delere Press LLP, SIngapore.


We would like to sincerely thank all our contributors for their wonderful input to this project. We found that many of the contributions were variants of each other, despite their authors hailing from different parts of the world and different educational systems. This is perhaps a testament to the belief that drawing can be a universal language that can broaden our understanding of the world.

Thierry Bernard-Gotteland
Coming from a background in Church painting restoration, Thierry studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (NL), the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Grenoble, France. He went to Le Fresnoy, National Studio of Contemporary Arts in France, enrolled in a post-master program. He has lived for ten years in Vietnam, Ho Chi MInh City where he works as a lecturer at RMIT University Vietnam. He is represented by Quynh Gallery and his website is here.
Rollin Beamish
Rolan teaches drawing and painting in the School of Art, Montana State University. His work can be found at his website.
Marie Blom
Marie is a Norwegian classical realist painter who got her schooling through training with various Norwegian artists and studying at the Florence Academy of Art, from where she graduated in 2013. She has worked as a principal instructor at the FAA, Sweden and is now back in Norway where she teaches classical painting in her private studio. Her website is: here.
Sharon Brindle
Sharon Brindle studied at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, London. The study and practice of drawing is essential to her work. She lives and works in east London and is a tutor at the Royal Drawing School. Her website is here:
Chia Wei Hou
Wei Hou graduated with a BA (Hons) from Goldsmiths College, University of London (UK) in 2000 and obtained a Master of Education in Art Education from the Teachers College, Columbia University (USA) in 2012. He has taught drawing at a range of schools in Singapore. Currently he teaches at Raffles Institution.
James Faure Walker
James is an artist in the UK Until 2014 he was Reader in Painting and the Computer at the University of the Arts, London. He was a pioneer in incorporating digital methods into painting and has exhibited internationally. In 1976 he co-founded Artscribe magazine, and edited it for eight years. He is Treasurer of the Royal Watercolour Society.
Oliver Ho
Oliver is a Lecturer in art at Republic Polytechnic, Singapore, where he teaches on the Diploma in Design for User Experience.
Mohammad Zabid Bin Jabar
Zabid is a performance artist, poet, photographer and visual artist. He teaches art at Singapore’s Bishan Park Secondary School. His blog is here.
Mark Joyce
Mark is a graduate from the Royal College of Art, London and Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He is currently the director of art at Yale-NUS, Singapore. His website is here.
Chng Chin Kang
Chin Kang graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore, with a Diploma in Fine Arts (1988) and from the University of Central England, Birmingham, U.K, with a Masters in Arts and Education. Chin Kang currently teaches drawing part-time at Nanyang Academy of Fine Art. He has exhibited widely both locally and in America.
Stephanie Kullberg
Stephanie is a recent graduate of the Florence Academy of Art. Her website is here.
Karen Lee Carroll
Karen is the Dean of Education at the Maryland Institute College of the Arts, America. She writes extensively on the subject of teaching and in 2009 was the NAEA National Art Educator of the Year.
Lee Nielsen
Lee is a painter and illustrator based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In addition to his art practice he teaches illustration at the Edmonton Digital Arts College, Canada. He has exhibited locally and nationally and has work in private collections in Canada and the United States.
Guy Noble
A graduate of Byam Shaw School Of Art, London, Guy teaches drawing at London’s St. Martin’s School of Art. His work can be found here.
Britta Noresten
Britta graduated from the Florence Academy of Art, Sweden, where she is also an assistant instructor in drawing. Her work can be found here.
Solomon Quek
Solomon is a recent graduate from Singapore’s School of Art Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, where he now teaches drawing part-time.
Hans-Martin Rall
Hans-Martin teaches animation and drawing at the School of Art Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His animations have been screened in numerous international festivals.
Richard Streitmatter-Tran
Richard is an Artist and Researcher based in Vietnam. He is the founder and director of Dia/Projects, a contemporary art exhibition and research space. He regards education as an extension of his practice and has taught in places such as Harvard University, the Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts University, and RMIT University Vietnam. His website is here.
Tang Ling-Nah
A graduate of Singapore’s LASALLE College of the Arts, Ling-Nah’s work is a hybrid of installation and drawing, examples of which can be found here.
Jesse Thompson
Jesse is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design and now teaches drawing at the School of Art Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His work can be seen [ here].
Hannah Webb
Hannah is an illustrator who also exhibits widely in the United Kingdom. She teaches illustration part time at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University.
Wong Seet Fun
Seet Fun founded the Art Loft, an early childhood art education centre. She holds a BA (Hons) Fine Arts degree from Goldsmiths College, University of London (UK) and Master of Science in Early Childhood Education degree from Wheelock College, U.S.A.
Victoria Loy
Victoria is Singapore’s first appointed Master Teacher for Art, currently working at the Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts (STAR). She was conferred National Day Commendation Award in 2013. Prior to joining STAR, she was Head of Department for Visual Arts and Pupil Development at Orchid Park Secondary (2000-2010) where she played an instrumental role in the school’s attainment of the Niche status in Visual Arts. Victoria also played a significant role in the development of this material.

Student contributions

We would also like to thank the following students of the School of Art Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University for their help being the test subjects of these exercises: Tan Yi Hee, Gabriel Tng, Jonathan Chan, Bryan Goo, Jasper Liu, Adorabelle Tan, Cindy Chuang, Joan Li, Shekinah Prisca D/O Velmurugan.

Special thanks

As the Programme Director of STAR, Kok Boon Lim played a vital role in the development of this material. Without his energy, vision, wisdom and commitment, it would not have been possible. As well as being a contributor, Victoria Low, also of STAR, played a similarly supportive role.