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Introduction to this resource

This web resource was designed for use by teachers of drawing. It was the result of a collaboration between Martin Constable and Yanyun Chen and features contributions from some of the best drawing teachers from around the world. Questions may be directed to Martin Constable at: martin.constable (at)

A short overview of contents

Teachers may use this resource to construct their own drawing course from scratch, or refresh a course they have been running for years. This resource does not present a sequentially ordered ‘drawing system’, and can therefore be dipped in and out of as the teacher requires.

Studio Equipment lists and describes the equipment needed in a drawing course, and should be read before setting up a drawing studio.
Mechanical Transference Skills describes the skills needed in order to transfer a subject onto the paper, as a drawing. As can be imagined, this is an essential section and should be reviewed by the teacher before they start teaching. It contains key skills which should be taught at the start of any introductory drawing course.
The core feature of this web resource is the section describing the Exercises. There are over fifty exercises, each one addressing a different aspect of drawing practice.
This section also address how to Structure a Drawing Lesson and how to conduct Critique, without which a drawing lesson is incomplete.
Of particular interest to students are the Appendixes, addressing Line, Tone, Perspective, Drapery and Miscellaneous. Items in these appendixes refer directly to cross-referenced items in the exercises and are an integral extension of these exercises. They represent our attempt to bring terminological consistency to the key practices, notions and phenomena of drawing.

This web resource was made with the support of the following:

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